How can I transfer a dangerous goods record into my worldship software to ship via UPS?

I entered a package and now I am trying to create the shipment in UPS World Ship, but I don't know how to import the package data from shiphazmat online into my worldship. (account registered to shipper Wayne Deslauriers)


The integration with UPSWorldShip is automatic once you have installed the XCE SMART Application. The instructions on setting up Internet Explorer to allow you to download and install the SMART Application can be found in Help --> Quick Start Guide

Alternatively you could follow the steps below to setup IE and download and install the SMART Application.

Step 1.

In your IE web browser navigate to the following URL:

When the "InternetExplorerOptions application" dialog box comes up, Select the "Ignore" option. This will setup your Internet Explorer and close all open browser windows. You should see another dialog box indicating that the settings were updated successfully.

Step 2.

Open an IE browser window and navigate to the following URL:

When the page loads, click on the "Run" button to install the XCE Smart Application.

NOTE: After installation, you may get the following message: "Your request is missing a requested parameter". Click "OK" and ignore this message.

Step 3.

Navigate to the web site, log in and create a new UPS package. Once in the package, search for and add a new hazard (proper shipping name) to the package. When you hit the save button on the toolbar to add the new Hazard, the XCE Smart Application should fire up automatically. Keep in mind that it may take a few seconds for the smart application to fire up, so please be patient. After the smart application is completed making the update, you should see the data inside of the UPSWorldShip program.

Please let us know if these instructions work out for you.

Support Team


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