Except for UN 1230—Methanol and Excepted Quantities (EQ), substances with a primary or subsidiary risk of Division 6.1 in Packing Group I or II:                              
•with an origin and destination within the USA including Puerto Rico, will only be accepted if in approved DOT Exemption/Special Permit (SP) packaging;              
•will only be accepted for International transport in “V” rated combination packaging.                  

Shippers of Division 6.1, Packing Group III primary or subsidiary risk MUST indicate “PG III” adjacent to the hazard label on the outer package for shipments to, from, within or transiting the USA.            

Poison Inhalation Hazard (PIH) with a hazard zone “A” or any Class 2 substance with a toxic primary or subsidiary risk label will not be accepted for carriage.

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