Polychlorinated biphenyls: The following Class 9 materials, if known or suspected to contain PCBs, must be packaged as follows—for liquids: IP3 or IP3A inner metal packaging with absorbent material utilized to fill all available space; for solids: any inner packaging as per applicable packing instruction is permitted. Outer packaging  must be a 1A2 steel drum, 4H2 plastic box, USA DOT-SP 8249, 9168 or 11248  (see Packing Instructions [–] listed after each substance):

UN 1796                         —                         Nitrating acid mixture, over 40% concentration [854, 855]
UN 1826                         —                         Nitrating acid mixtures, spent, over 40% concentration [854, 855]
UN 2031                         —                         Nitric acid, over 40% concentration [854, 855]

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