This variation applies only when FX-18 does not apply. Hand written Shipper's Declarations will not be accepted. The following  fields on the Shipper's Declaration must be typed or computer generated:

UN or ID number including the prefix, Proper shipping name, Hazard class or division, Subsidiary risk or division(s), Packing Group, Packaging Type, Packing Instruction, Authorization, Emergency telephone number.   

The technical name, when required, may be handwritten.

For radioactive shipments, in addition to the items listed above the following must   also be typed or computer generated:            

Radionuclide, Special Form or Physical and Chemical Form All other entries may be handwritten.            

Handwritten alterations/amendments to an entry required to be typed per  FX-12 are acceptable if each alteration/amendment is legible and signed with the same signature used to sign the Shipper's Declaration.

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