Dangerous Goods shipments will be accepted in Air Cargo Service by contract only. All contract applications must be reviewed and approved by the UPS Air Dangerous Goods Department (SDF) and Air Cargo Service (UPS Air Group-SDF). Hazard Classes accepted  in Air Cargo Service are subject to approval, and shipments are subject to advance arrangement.                

•A contract is required for shipments of UN 3480, Lithium ion batteries, prepared in accordance with Section IB of Packing Instructions 965.  Such shipments must be tendered with either:                     
a completed Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods; or an Air Waybill presenting the information required by Section IB, paragraph (b)(1)                        through (b)(4) of Packing Instructions 965.                     
•UPS Air Cargo Service does not accept shipments of UN 3090, Section IA or IB lithium metal batteries.

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